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Martha Hernandez - Web Site Design

Who Is Martha Hernandez ?

Festival CentralWEBSITE DESIGN
• Creative Concepts
• Character development
• UX design / wireframes
• User Interface design
• Visual design / look and feel

• UX design / wireframes
• User Interface design

• Campaign Concepts
• Email A/B Testing
Newsletter templates
• UX design / wireframes
• Visual design / look and feel

• Banner Design
• Logos/Typography
Motion Graphics

Visual and interaction design professional, Martha Hernandez, graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a B.A. in graphic design in 1996. She began working at Variety that Fall in the editorial department as a paginator (print page designer). She simultaneously earned her Master's degree from the American Film Institute's new Digital Media Masters program from which she was one of six to graduate in August of 1998 with and M.A. in Digital Media.

After a few stints at The Walt Disney Company as a web designer and effects artist intercut with freelance work for Variety, she was offered a permanent home with as the inhouse web graphic designer in June of 2000. There she supported the website with photos, graphics, charts, layouts, designing micro-site user experiences for the Academy Awards, Cannes film festival, major markets coverage and more. She filled many roles from production artist, graphic designer, UX designer, front-end developer to holding the post of Online Art Director earning her various awards in website design.

In 2009, she returned to the mouse house for a brief stint as an Email Designer for the The Walt Disney Co. Consumer Products Online. She moved on to hold the post of Creative Manager for where she managed all online marketing creative for their Travel sites (,, as well as UX and Visual design for site build outs.

She resides in Los Angeles, California.

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